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How To Disable Ads On BitTorrent Free Version

Ads are one of the most annoying things on the web. Ads become a part of everything. Most of us don’t like annoying ads on many occasions. Due to which many of the browsers started offering Ad-blockers inbuilt. But still, we used to get many ads on our daily browsing experience. Hence, today lets see how to disable ads on the BitTorrent free version software on the desktop.

We always look for the easiest method to download the files. Torrent clients are one of the must-have software to download the files. We use it on a daily basis to download the files. BitTorrent is one of the popular torrent clients, but the free version comes with ads on the software. Most of the users are free users and we don’t like the annoying ads displaying inside the software. In the free version, you can able to see the ads on the left bottom corner and top header.

How to disable those ads without buying a PRO version? Can we able to disable ads in the free version? The answer is YES.

BitTorrent has some in-depth settings which allow you to disable the annoying ads from the software. The option is not straight forward and many users haven’t noticed this. This involves the little tweak in the advanced settings. Make sure you are disabling the correct parameters because marking the wrong parameters leads to the software misbehave.

Check out the sample screenshot of BitTorrent before and after disabling the ads.

Before disabling the Ads:

After disabling the Ads:

Without any delay, let’s move on to the steps to disable ads on BitTorrent Free Version.



How To Disable Ads On BitTorrent Free Version:

Step 1: Open BitTorrent software on your PC.

Step 2: Now from the menu, Navigate to Options > Preferences.

Step 3: In the Preferences Window choose Advanced.

Step 4: Search for the below parameters in the Filter box and change the value of all these parameters to false using the radio buttons.


Step 5: Once done, click OK and now the ads will be disappeared from the software. Also, restart the application once and Enjoy ad-free browsing experience inside the software.

Do try the tweaks on your BitTorrent Software and share your experience.


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