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Download Images of Google Product Logos, Employees and More – Google Press Corner

Google has a dedicated Press page called Google Press Corner in which you can download the high-quality images of all the Google Product Logos, pictures of the top employees and various other pictures from Google Campus.

All the images and pictures are available on the highest quality with maximum resolution. Google allows the publications to use the images from their Press Corner page with credit to it. You can able to filter the images by type, products and topics. The images are available in .jpg format mostly and for few items/products, it is available in .png format.

Note: Images from Google Press Corner page may be used for publication with credit: “Source: Google.”

How To Download Images from Google Press Corner: 

Step 1: Visit Google’s Press Corner Page.

Step 2: Filter the images as per your need and click on the image you want to download, an image will open with the Download Image button.

Name of the image, resolution and size will be displayed on the page. Click the Download Image link to download the image.

Source: Google

Instead of searching Google’s product and other images for covering the news about Google, this tool helps you to download the high-quality image for the publications. Start using the official pictures from Google while covering the news related to Google and also make sure the image is properly credited as mentioned by Google.

I have downloaded the Android Logo from the page and it was available in 2800×2800 pixels.

Source: Google

Have news to cover about Google, get the high-quality images from Google itself 😉.


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