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How To Enable Developer Options in Wear OS

Developer Options in Android allows you to tweak various Android settings on your smartphone. If you are planning to install a custom ROM, flashing a device or root the device, check the list of inactive apps and for many more options/tweaks you have to enable developer options in your Android device. USB debugging mode is also available under Developer Options only.

As you all know that Wear OS by Google (formerly Android Wear) was also powered by Android. Many Wear OS users keep asking me this question, that is it possible to enable Developer Options in Wear OS smartwatch? The answer is Yes, you can enable Developer Options in Wear OS.

Google has developed the Wear OS based on Android and most of the settings were available similar to the Android OS on the smartphone. In this guide, I have listed out the steps to Enable Developer Options in Wear OS.

By default, the developer options feature will be hidden from all users. To enable you to have to follow the simple steps.

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How To Enable Developer Options in Wear OS:

Step 1: Go to Settings Menu on your Wear OS smartwatch.

Step 2: Now Scroll down and tap on System.

Step 3: In the System page, menu scrolls down and tap on About.

Step 4: In the About page, you will see the Build Number and tap on it continuously for 7 times. After two taps, you will be notified that after 5 more taps you will be a developer. Continue and tap for 7 times and you will be popped up as You are now a developer.

Step 5: Now the Developer Options menu will be added in the Settings Page under System.

Explore/tweak your Wear OS setting from the developer options. As the name indicates these are developer options might malfunction as well, hence please caution while enabling or disabling any settings from the Developer Options page.


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