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How To Enable Fingerprint Lock in WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp has started rolling out the much-awaited Fingerprint lock feature for the Android beta users. For the iOS beta users, WhatsApp had rolled out the similar feature in February called Authentication feature or Screen Lock feature which allowed the users to use the TouchID to unlock the app. Approximately, after six months the company has started rolling out the feature for Android users.

With this fingerprint lock feature, the users can lock the app and also can set the timing for the automatic lock from the three options available (Immediately, After 1 minute, After 30 minutes). We can also strict the content preview is shown in the notifications under these settings.

For now, the feature is available for the Android beta users only. Soon we can expect the feature in a stable version. But, you can try the feature right now by manually installing the beta version of the app in your android smartphone. The feature is available starting from the 2.19.221 or higher beta version of the app. If the feature is not visible after installing the app, please try re-installing the app by taking the backup of the chats.

How To Enable Fingerprint Lock in WhatsApp for Android:

Step 1: Download and Install the WhatsApp beta version 2.19.221 or higher – Download Link. I have installed and tested the latest beta version (2.19.243 beta) while writing this post.

Step 2: Inside the app, Navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy option.

Step 3: Under the Privacy menu, the Fingerprint lock option will be available. Tap on the option and enable the feature.

Step 4: After enabling you can customize the automatic lock settings (Immediately, After 1 minute, After 30 minutes) and notification previews. If you disable the Show content in notifications option, WhatsApp will no longer show the sender and message preview when you have the Fingerprint lock feature enabled.

Step 5: That’s it. Now you have to use the Fingerprint to open the chat messages.

Please feel free to comment on your views/doubts on the new feature on WhatsApp.


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