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ProjectGEM – New Mobile Device Concept From Essential

Essential Company was established by the Android Co-founder Andy Rubin. The first Android smartphone Essential Phone (PH-1) was released in 2017. The Essential Phone was the first of its kind to feature a notch design in front which accommodates the front-facing camera. The phone has a titanium and ceramic body, two rear cameras, edge to edge display, Gorilla Glass 5 protection, Snapdragon 835 processor. Another notable feature of the phone is that it runs on the Android operating system without any modifications. Andy Rubin confirmed that this phone is capable of adapting Android Q(which is Android 10 now). As said, Android 10 update is already been started rolling out to the Essential phone devices.

Since it has already been two years from the first smartphone launch, most of the Essential phone lovers were anticipatedly waiting for the next upgraded smartphone version from the company. Surprisingly, the company has teased a new concept smartphone on its official twitter page. The new concept smartphone is named as ProjectGEM.

Source: Essential

Source: Essential

As per the picture, the smartphone features a slim vertical design with a dot-notch camera on the front, edge to edge display. The volume buttons and power buttons are on the right side whereas the rear camera, fingerprint sensors on the back.

The smartphone is currently been tested by the Essential team, soon the official announcement about the new concept mobile phone will be published.

We’ve been working on a new device to reframe your perspective on mobile. It’s now in early testing with our team outside the lab. Look forward to sharing more in the near future! #ProjectGEM – Essential



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