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Reliance Jio Will Charge 6 Paise/Minute for All Non-Jio Mobile Numbers

Reliance Jio has circulated an urgent press release stating that all the outgoing calls made from Jio to Non-Jio mobile numbers will be charged at 6 paise/minute to recover IUC charges. Jio has introduced the new IUC top-up voucher packs which start from Rs.10 with data. To compensate for the cost of IUC top-ups, Jio is providing extra data with every IUC recharge. They confirmed that 1 GB of data will be provided for every 10 rupees spent on IUC recharges.

For example:

  • Rs.10 IUC Top-Up Voucher will get 1 GB data and 124 IUC minutes.
  • Rs.20 IUC Top-Up Voucher will get 2 GB data and 249 IUC minutes.
  • Rs.50 IUC Top-Up Voucher will get 5 GB data and 656 IUC minutes.
  • Rs.100 IUC Top-Up Voucher will get 2 GB data and 1362 IUC minutes.

What is IUC (Interconnect Usage Charge):

Interconnect Usage Charge or IUC is a cost paid by one mobile operator to another while doing the outgoing calls. These are also called as off-net calls. According to TRAI, the current IUC charges are fixed at 6 paise/minute. It will be made as 0 by 1st January 2020 as per the latest amendment to the IUC Regulations.

What Calls are Free in Reliance Jio:

Jio confirmed that the below calls will not be charged and free as before.

  • Jio to Jio Calls
  • Jio to Landline Calls
  • All Incoming Calls
  • Calls made using WhatsApp, FaceTime or any other Web platforms.

What Calls are Charged Under Reliance Jio IUC:

All the Calls made from your Jio mobile to other mobile operators (mobile numbers belongs to other mobile networks like Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL, etc.,)

How Long IUC Charges Applicable for Non-Jio Calls?

Reliance Jio confirmed that until the IUC Charge is made zero by TRAI, this IUC charges will be applicable to all the calls made to other mobile networks. As per the current TRAI regulation this charge is expected to be discontinued by TRAI from 1st January 2020. Jio confirmed in the press release, that the IUC top-up vouchers will be discontinued if the IUC charges are made Zero.

From When IUC Charges are Applicable:

All the old recharge plans remain the same, but for all the recharges you do from 10th October, you have to buy an additional IUC voucher as required in order to do outgoing calls to other mobile operators.

Source: Jio

Video Explaining about IUC by JIO:

SourceJio IUC


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