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YouTube Kids Now Available On The Desktop

YouTube Kids is now available on the desktop with a dedicated website. The official announcement of the YouTube Kids Website was made on August 29th, 2019 in its support page. Now your kids can be able to watch their favourite videos from the browser itself. The website offers a similar experience like the YouTube Kids app on smartphones. If you have already used the YouTube Kids app, then you might aware of the same.

The new live website looks similar to its app. But, as it is the initial version website, sign in was not enabled yet. According to the support page, the sign-in feature will be available in the next few days.

“With this initial offering, there won’t be an option to sign in, similar to watching YouTube Kids on TVs today. Parents will still be able to see watch history, flag content, and choose from the new age group content settings. We are actively working to bring the sign-in ability to YouTube Kids on the Web, and we’ll let you know when sign in becomes available!” – Support Page

How To Setup the YouTube Kids Desktop/Website:

Step 1: Navigate to youtubekids.com in your browser.

Step 2: The first page will display the Get Started message, followed by the Parent’s verification window.

Step 3: The third page will be the Notice to parents, please Read and Agree.

Step 4: The next page is the age filter, you can choose from three different filter (Preschool, Younger and Older). Preschool filter for kids ages 4 and under is a new filter offered by YouTube Kids. Once selected a confirmation window will be popped up, click SELECT.

Step 5: The last page is to enable the search ON or OFF. If it is set on your kids can search for videos on the website, else the children will be limited to certain set of channels.

That’s it. Once done, the YouTube Kids page will be displayed as below based on the options we choose.

Hope Google will continue to provide updates and features to the YouTube Kids website alongside the app. Start exploring the new YouTube Kids website and share your suggestions via comments.


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